We are your Recruitment Solution

Our mission is simple: On the one hand, we connect job seekers quickly and effectively with the type of work they are looking for.

  • Superior service.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Matching individual needs.

How to Apply

Please make sure that you follow the instructions below carefully for Shaunette Consultants to supply you with the best possible service. We pride our self’s by saying we offer superior client service and this detail will assist us in maintaining that status


  • Candidate Application Instructions

    When applying as a candidate, please make sure that the following are in place.

  • - Recently updated CV.
    - All contact information.
    - A head and shoulders photo for your applicant portfolio file, and a detailed description of your employment wish list and requirements.
    - A motivational and short introduction letter.
    - Any other documentation that can support your application, such as proof of education, diplomas courses and certificates.

  • - Please also mention clearly your available date.
    - Letters of reference.
    - Contactable references.
    - Reasons for leaving previous employment, and/or why you’re on the market.
    - ITC clear.
    - No criminal Record.

  • Please make sure that you indicate the Ref number for the position you are applying for.
    When all details as required are in place, please send it all as once to

    Email : cv@shaunette.co.za
    Fax : 086 505 1115

    If your Application was successful, we will contact you with regards to arranging a meeting and interviews.

    You will first go through interviews set up by Shaunette Consultants to see if you would be suitable for the applied position. Your details as well as other applicant’s details will then be sent to our client to view. Our client then decides which Candidates they would like to meet.

  • If you are one of the Candidates chosen, we then arrange an interview, time and date that will be suitable for both Client and Candidate.

    Please note that if we have not replied to your application within 14 working days, your application was not successful, but we will keep your information and portfolio active, to match it with other/new positions available.

    If we matched an available position that suites your requirements and interests, an agent will then contact you with regards to the successful match to see if you would be interested and/or if you are still in the market.

    Shaunette Consultants will conduct a follow up interview with the Applicant after placement has been made to see if the applicant if HAPPY and SATISFIED


  • Client Application Instruction

    The following is required when applying as a client

    For office use only to create Detailed Client Portfolio to supply the best service delivery your company deserves, as our Clients interest are of the upmost importance to us.

  • Company Details
    - Postal Address and Business Address
    - Sister Company’s / Branches if applicable
    - Contact Details
    - Contact Person
    - E-mail address
    - Short introduction to your company’s industry
    - Company’s interests
    - Likes and Dislikes
    - Company’s requirements

  • Vacancy specification (to supply client with the best Applicants)
    - Introduction to vacancy available
    - Requirements such as Qualifications and Experience required
    - Duties that will be expected from Employee
    - If the Vacancy is EE/AA applicable
    - If the Vacancy is permanent/part time or contact
    - Personal details required regarding applicant
    - Constant feed on the process of the position

    Please send this to the following address

    E-mail : bernadette@shaunette.co.za
    Fax : 086 505 1115

  • The following if offered by Shaunette Consultants in terms for searching for the Best Candidate for your Vacancy.

    - Screening Interviews
    - Interviews
    - Back ground checks
    - Reference checking
    - Shortlisting of Candidates
    - Follow up interviews
    - Drafting of CV’s
    - Setting up Interviews to suite both the Client and Candidates

  • Vacancy
    - Advertising and marketing of vacancy
    - Promoting of the position

    - Follow up on placements. (to see if all aspects the client required and interests has been fulfilled)



The secret to our successes

The founder and Managing Director of Shaunette Consultants (Bernadette Havenga) is a highly skilled and hand’s on business woman who has experience in people development, training of staff and has a big knowledge regarding client services. She also has experience in training and appointing staff in varies departments for big know Company’s.

The thing that makes Shaunette Consultants different to the rest of the Recruiting Agency’s, is that fact that the MD works directly with the Clients and Consultants. She also takes it upon herself to do the final interviews with each Candidate for approval before their details are sent to the Client to view.

She’s a hand’s on leader who loves to share her knowledge to enrich her staff and people who are willing to learn and am braises the privilege of knowledge as knowledge is power. She has trained each staff member individually for the purpose of one on one interaction. This has shown her all the strong and weak aspects of each of the Consultants. By doing this she is able to train and develop the consultants to achieve maximum performance. All this is to supply the best client service to our clients.

The MD has knowledge of each every client’s requirements and vacancy’s available, as the MD is responsible for creating the Client Portfolio File witch the Consultant uses to recruit Candidates.

She is always available to her staff members and clients. She believes being involved in every aspect of the company; give her upper hand to happy employees and successful client service. She makes sure that each and every person in the company has a purpose and acknowledges and praises the success of others.

Our Mission Statement

Shaunette Consultants success is solely dependent upon the Experience, People knowledge, commitment, motivation, professionalism of non-other than its employees them self’s and how the business is run. We strive to establish long-term relationships with both our workforce and our clients.

How do we do that?

As soon as we receive a new Client, the MD creates a Client Portfolio witch will entitle to following.
Detailed Description on Company
The Sector the Company falls under
Details description of that Sector
Back ground and History of Company
Goal and Achievements of Company
Interests and Requirements of Company
Likes and Dislikes (how and when the client would like to receive their information and feedback)
Detailed Description and requirements regarding Vacancy

The Client Portfolio then gets assigned to a specific consultant to study and to start the recruitment process.

A copy of the Client’s Portfolio will also be handed over to the rest of the Consultants to study, for when and if the specific consultant managing the specific Client is not available, they can assist in any means necessary.

We make sure that each consultant carry’s the knowledge regarding our client’s business, structure, goals, vision and missions they are working towards.

Although we are a small growing agency, we believe that knowing your client well will assist in the best service delivery. It is important to us to provide our client with the best skilled Candidate possible as to what their requirements are set out to us.

Thanks for filling out our contact form!


Good day Bernadette.

First of all i would like to thank you for your exceptional help in assisting me with this opportunity. Your wisdom, your guidance, your belief in what i had to offer and to identify my potential for this position is absolutely amazing and priceless. Thank you so much for that. I feel ecstatic to be able to be part of such an exciting company as Gentron.

Mario Fischer

Dear Danette

We have now successfully hired staff for all three positions.

I thank you for your help and assistance in finding staff for us. Your company in particular was the front runner for finding staff for us and I found your company to be the most helpful and on the ball and please know that in terms of our staffing requirements, I will definitely contact your company again. The lady that I hired for the teaching position ironically, turns out to be someone who lives down the road

Thanks Sandra
Think Kids

Sandra - Think Kids

Hi Danette!

Ek wil net graag vir jou baie dankie se dat jy my gehelp het om die pos by Ruimsig Gastehuis te kry. Ek is regtig opreg dankbaar en wil jou ook koplimenteer met jou diens.
Ek't nou al maklik aan 30-40 agente my cv gestuur en nie eers een kom naby jou nie! Indien mens ooit terugvoering kry, is dit eenmalig en hulle kom net nooit weer terug na mens toe nie, ten spyte van al hul beloftes.

Jy het my regtig baie aangenaam verras en ek sal jou graag aanbeveel!

Johanette Venter

Johanette Venter